student2Update: January 12, 2017


The Kaleidoscope Charter High School team (Chairperson, Janet Littlejohn, Advisory Board members: Margaret Broadwell, Edwin Norse, Missy McClure, Teresa Outlaw, April Clinard and Lara Visser) met with the NC Department of Public Instruction (NCDPI) and the Office of Charter School’s Charter School Advisory Board (CSAB) to clarify questions and concerns regarding Kaleidoscope’s submitted charter application.

Despite support from some member, the CSAB voted against sending Kaleidoscope’s application moving to the next level.  We are disappointed, yet not deterred with the outcome of this meeting.  Our current team will re-submit a revised and assertive application in September 2017.

The committee members identified four primary concerns that contributed to the negative vote:

  1. The CSAB was concerned that there was not enough need for a high school in Morrisville.  Some members were specifically looking for schools focused on under-served student.  We explained that Morrisville is growing rapidly and shared data regarding overcrowding in local schools.  We will plan on further addressing these open questions in our future application.
  2. While charter schools must be innovative in their programming, the CSAB subcommittee repeatedly stated that they did not understand “student-centered learning” means. Missy McClure explained how “student-centered” learning provides youth with many more opportunities to own their learning process and allows for a great sense of connection among teachers and students.  We will strive to more clearly communicate our vision (including educating the educators).
  3. The CSAB introduced a new concern pertaining to “Student Performance Goals”. We believe our students will achieve a better education in a student-centered environment, and we expect will produce higher than usual student performance goals, yet we presented what we thought was a likely “realistic” performance goal. In addressing concerns about performance expectations, Teresa Outlaw shared her teaching experience at the start-up of several area schools where innovative programming and a lack of historical data led to significantly different student populations than was expected.  But we were not permitted to update our projections during the live discussion – we will provided update thoughts during our next application.
  4. The CSAB doubted that a leased facility could be “up fit” for $50,000.  We explained we would sub-lease from an existing corporate facility or local college which has established classroom spaces and has suitable lease space available during the day.

We need your support! If you are interested in helping us create an innovative and diverse community charter high school, we are always looking for volunteer support, advisors and board members.

We will continue to educate people about student-centered education and our vision for Morrisville’s 1st Charter High School.

Please JOIN US for an INFO & ART NIGHT with artist Manisha Goel on Monday, January 30th (6:30 pm to 9:00 pm) at The Hindu Society of NC (309 Aviation Parkway, Morrisville).

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