Our mission at Kaleidoscope Art and Technology Charter High School (KATCHS) is to prepare students for career success in the fields of art and technology. In the heart of Research Triangle Park, industry specialists will teach cutting-edge curriculum and share their expertise. Our students will create a portfolio of work while becoming the next generation of artists and innovators.

A school day will start at approximately 9:15 AM.

All images shown, portray conceptual ideas.

Core Subjects

Together with on-staff technology specialists, teachers will use relevant technology in all subjects.


Art will be taught in a logical progression, exploring the various elements of texture, shape, line, color, form, and value. Lessons will represent an interdisciplinary approach in order to support science, math, social studies, and language arts.

Portfolio work in digital art, animation, web and graphic design

Digital art, animation, web & graphic design and many more related subjects.

School and studio environment

“Creativity takes courage.” ~ Henri Matisse

We will create workspaces that reflect a real world experience with open, relaxed and ergonomically designed tables, chairs and work areas. Students will share group spaces to encourage collaboration and co-operative learning. Using cutting edge technology and materials, students will have an opportunity to create, explore, problem solve and peer review all while creating a portfolio of work.

All images shown, portray conceptual ideas.

Our Mission

“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up” ~ Pablo Picasso

Prepare high school students for a world in the fields of arts and technology - using the most advanced information - while still grounding them in strong academic, social, emotional and physical disciplines, so that they are able to be successful in our global community.

Teaching Process.


Highly qualified teachers who will lead with passion.

Artists and Technologists.

Resident artists will teach and encourage students. Working artists and technologists will host workshops in our studios.

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Our latest posts and news.

Lara Visser

KATCHS Newsletter

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Lara Visser

We need your financial support!

Here's one of the ways you can help. Join us for an Evening of Art and Wine, a two-hour adult art class taught by our very own Lara Visser. Step by step, the group will create a piece of artwork. Starting with a representational outline and a glass of wine, the class will work our way through the piece (and the cheese and crackers), applying different techniques and media. At the end, everyone will take home their finished piece of art. You'll also make some new friends and help support KATCHS with your $20 donation.

You can sign up for an Evening of Art and Wine on the links below:

Picasso's Wife - pastel and chalk
Thursday, June 19th, 7 to 9pm
Sign up here: Sign Up Genius - June 17th

Van Gogh's Sunflowers - acrylic paint
Thursday, July 10th, 7 to 9pm
Sign up here: Sign Up Genius - July 10th

Georgia O'Keefe - watercolor
Thursday August 21st, 7 to 9pm
Sign up here: Sign Up Genius- August 12th

Lara Visser

KATCHS board meeting

board meeting Recent KATCHS board meeting with Eddie Goodall of NC Public Charter Schools Association.

Lara Visser

KATCHS Charter application for 2015

For those that do not know our KATCHS Charter application for 2015 was rejected due to ‘incomplete information’. What this means is the application was missing information on two of the Appendices. Unfortunately the DPI does not allow for further continuation. There are four stages , at each stage the charter application could be rejected and one would have to re apply for the next cycle, December 2014 opening Aug 2016. However we have some great news to start of 2014. The Cary News has published an article about Kaleidoscope Charter High School.

We have every intention to re-apply until this school is a reality. We will have our board and outside interested parties help review our application before resubmission. We are so grateful for any prayers, verbal and written support.

The News and Observer article can be read here, "State board OKs plans for proposed charter school in Cary"

Lara Visser

Kaleidoscope article in the Cary News

We have some great news to start of 2014. The Cary News has published an article about Kaleidoscope Charter High School.
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Currently the KATCHS Board is looking for a Lawyer and a CPA to join us.

We would also appreciate and accept all donations of time and money.

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