Hello, and thanks for coming!  

We are a group of dedicated educators, businesspeople, and parents who are determined to create the first “student-centered” high school in Morrisville; a 21st-century epicenter of learning for a diverse and growing community right beside the burgeoning Research Triangle Park, in the heart of North Carolina.  We feel strongly our youth deserve a more engaging community education.   Our school will embrace State-of- the-art student-centered teaching methods to form a more holistic learning experience and give youth ownership over their educational journeys.

Our expert educators and adjunct instructors, from the community, will engage, empower and follow students on a four-year passage as they engage in a curriculum that includes layered/blended curriculum, team-building, and project-based learning, which will not only prepare them for higher studies and careers ahead but also for the bigger picture of life.


Take the next steps with us….

Your support and encouragement are needed now more than ever!  As we complete the final charter application process, we welcome your financial support to keep this ball rolling.

  • For our benefactors – we have many exquisite incentives – We THANK YOU for helping us build our 21st-Century high school in Morrisville.

Silver Level
$100 – $499

A student classroom chair will be named in your honor!


Gold Level
$500 – $999
A student collaboration-work table
will be named in your honor.
Join in the revolution. One that will empower our youth to effect a bright tomorrow!


Diamond Level*
$50,000 to $99,999
Our Science Lab, Art Studio or Robotics Workshops will be named for you, your family or business.

*Our Thank You incentive levels increase to Titanium Level. Have a wing of our permanent facility named in honor of your support.



A few articles of interest:

We need your support! If you are interested in helping us create an innovative and diverse community charter high school, we are always looking for donations, volunteer support, and board members.