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Q. What is a charter school?

A. Charter Schools are public schools with a specific focus or curriculum, and are governed by their own Board of Directors.

Q. Does it cost anything to attend your school?

A.  No. Charter Schools, by law, do not charge tuition.

Q. Do KCHS students take the same tests as other public schools?

A. Yes.  Charter schools are public schools. Therefore, KCHS follows all mandated testing, and KCHS students take the same tests as are taken at all other public schools.

Q.  How do I enroll my child in the school?

A. For the 2018-2019 school year, open enrollment will begin in January of 2018 and will run for approximately 45 days. If, after the open enrollment period has ended, there are more applications than there are available seats, we will hold a public lottery in March of 2018.

Q. Can I apply to your school if I live outside of Wake County?

A. Yes.  In North Carolina, students need not live in the county in which their charter school is located. However, all NC charter school students must reside in the state of North Carolina to attend a NC charter school.  Applications with out of state addresses cannot be accepted, even if the family is planning a future move to North Carolina.

Q. If there is a lottery, what are my child’s chances of getting in?

A.  At this time, there is no way to predict how many applications will be submitted. Every student who applies during open enrollment is entered into the lottery, and has the same probability of being chosen. Siblings will be entered under one number, and if that number is drawn, all siblings will be admitted.

Families whose numbers are placed on the waiting list will be offered admission in the order in which their numbers were drawn for the waiting list. There is no way for the school to know how fast the waiting list will move, and the school is not able to advise parents as to their chances of getting in.

Q. Where will the school be located?

A. As of now, the school is still waiting on approval of the charter, and has not chosen an exact facility.

Q. When can I see the school?

A. Once the charter has been approved, the school will hold regular interest meetings, at which time families will be able to learn more about the facility.

Q. Are your teachers certified?

By law, 50% of NC charter high school teachers must be certified. While KCHS does have the flexibility to hire some non-certified teachers, KCHS will be seeking teachers who have a demonstrated record of successful teaching.

Q. Do you accept students with IEPs?

A. Yes. All public schools must accept students with IEPs/504s, etc. KCHS will employ a minimum of one full time Exceptional Children teacher.